It's been some time since my last post. Following the completion of the ANOMALY book, I felt that I needed a much needed rest and change of perspective. During this time, I have been able to appreciate the massive breadth of the Asian continent. Within a short window of only nine months, I was able to see the futuristic, electronic heaven of Tokyo contrasted with the barren, still-developing Middle East. Travel is a drug - it is a perspective enhancer. The more you open yourself up to this experience, the more it proves to be true.

During my travels, I realized that I have always been fascinated by long, incomprehensible periods of time. Especially what our civilization and our species could have looked like in previous eras, and how they will appear in future epochs. Readers from around the world have contacted me sharing interesting pieces of knowledge or insightful theories of their own.

With a refreshed perspective, I plan to incorporate some of my research into a new project involving esoteric Egypt. The ANOMALY project dealt heavily with linear time. Darwinism, human lineage, the evolution of life on Earth, and so forth. With this project, I want to explore the concept of cyclical time - the extent to which patterns on Earth and in history repeat themselves over the span of an extremely long period. Almost every cultural or religious tradition throughout the world recognizes this concept. From Buddhist Kalpas, to the Yugas of Ancient Indian tradition, some reference to these grand cycles appear on almost every continent. I am always open to hearing new perspectives on this matter, and welcome constructive debate and discussion.